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Tell us how you used your poem to express your passion. How did it make a difference? Write your own poem, if you wish. Then, give a Bravo to the comments you like best, and encourage others to do the same for you.

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  • My child loved the animal poem. We sat together and made a bedtime poem. It was such a wonderful experience making the poems. My kid loves the poems, we even got it framed on her bedside. Wonderful!!

    Allistair Simpson

  • I love how unique each poem was. I was out of ideas on how to motivate my team members and I came across this website. Each poem came out so unique and personalised, my team was elated. Thank you!

    Abigail Browning

  • my Boyfriend loved the poem

    lupe archibol

  • I made the birthday poem for a dear friend of mine. The poem came out so accurate to his traits. Never in a million years would I have been able to write something so beautiful.

    Luis Figueroa

  • I use poetry to express my feelings or my emotions

    Lisa knight

  • So very cute too do, my niece is going to love the poem

    Barbara Churgovich

  • Wow indeed it is very wonderful and am very happy

    Prince Paul Gods ...

  • My poem was inspiring

    James Ellwood

  • It has worked out Good!!!! I just hope it can be free so you don't have to constantly pay for it. It is a little bit irritating,frustrating,overwhelming and annoyed. I think it would be better if it could just be free! TY for considering.:)

    Morgan Price

  • my last poem worked very well

    Isla Gordon

  • Loved it but I have no money

    Mckenzie mathis

  • I am always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to engage my students with language and writing. This website has been an excellent resource, providing a fun and interactive way for my students to explore different types of poetry and develop their writing skills.

    Katherine Chen

  • I have found this website to be a powerful tool for self-expression and healing. The personalised poems it generates speak directly to my innermost thoughts and emotions, helping me to process and make sense of my feelings in a creative and cathartic way.

    Ryan Thompson

  • I'm always looking for ways to bond with my children and teach them about language and expression. This website has been a fun and engaging way to do just that! My kids love coming up with topics and seeing what kind of poem they can produce.

    Marcus Patel

  • I often struggle to find the time to craft thoughtful messages to my employees. This website has been a lifesaver! With its customisable poems, I'm able to quickly and easily praise my team members in a unique and heartfelt way. It has definitely helped me to build stronger relationships with my colleagues.

    Olivia Barnes