Learning Guide

Children should complete the “Animals” poem, then answer the questions.

The animals’ poem is now all done
Let’s continue with some learning fun
For this little game
Just write in your name:

1 - 9

Lots of animals are on your mind,
In the poem, how many did you find?
Look at the poem, don’t just use luck,
Remember them all, and include the duck (Select one)

2 - 9

Here’s a little memory test,
Which animals did you like the best?
Choose the ones that you saw appear,
Pick three that are right, earn a big cheer! (Select three)

3 - 9

With beak, or wing, or pouch, or claw,
What was the funniest thing you saw?
(Choose one animal and one action)

4 - 9

For this question, let’s discuss,
How are animals the same as us? (Choose something from the poem)

5 - 9

Near the end, they have something to say,
What does this mean for us each day? (Choose all that are correct)

6 - 9

The first and last verses read similarly,
What was the difference that you could see?

7 - 9

Diversity is in all the rhymes,
An important subject for our times.
One final question, then we are through,
What does diversity mean to you?

8 - 9

Excellent. Now press Submit to see your answer sheet!

9 - 9